Breakfast: The Mighty Morning Meal

We have heard it before. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet 4 out of 10 adults skip this mighty meal(According to a poll from ABCnews). Whether there is no time in the morning or they are attempting to cut morning calories people who do not eat breakfast are physiologically setting up there body for failure. Breakfast aids in weight loss, improves concentration, strength/endurance, and lowers cholesterol levels. 

Eating Breakfast Is Vital in Weight Loss
1. Staring the day with a meal also starts the bodies metabolism for the day.
2. If the metabolism is not started blood sugar drops.
3. If blood sugar drop the body craves sweets and other foods full of sugar.
4. Sugar is bad (Read more on how sugar effects your body “Sugar: A Bitter Sweet Tale”)
5. People who start the day off with a healthy breakfast satisfy their bodies early in the day and tend to eat less calories, saturated fat, and cholesterol. Set your day up for success.

No Time? Not Hungry? No Excuses!

No Time?
Instant oatmeal takes 1 minute to make.
Fruit and yogurt
Peanut butter on whole grain bread
Low-Fat Milk and whole grain cereal
A shake or bar is better than nothing.

Not Hungry?
Make yourself eat breakfast for a week hungry or not. Soon your body will adapt to your new eating schedule and when you wake, your body will expect it's morning boost.  This is a good thing.

No Excuses
Let's be honest we all know were suppose to eat a healthy breakfast.  When we were children it was a staple mark crying call of our mothers.  Now it's laced through multi-media advertisement.  Do your self a favor and use the knowledge you already have. Be Smart. Eat Breakfast  

What To Eat, What Not, and How Much

What To Eat
Start with water.  The body wakes up dehydrated.  Those who consume caffeine skip the creamer and sugar with coffee or drink tea.  Then add a carbohydrate, a protein, and some fat.  Carbohydrates are ideal for the days energy source and protein keeps you full and builds/repairs muscle.  Fat in the morning is key.  When you eat a carbohydrate and a protein your metabolism is programed to use those and break them down because they are available.  Adding fat will prime your metabolism to continue to burn fat for the rest of the day. Fat host many addition benefits. Use any of the examples below and aim for 250 to 375 calories per morning.

Carbohydrates (energy)
Whole grain Bread
Whole grain Bagel
Whole Grain Cereal (Be wary check the ingredients for sugar)

Yogurt or even better double the protein and eat Greek yogurt (check the sugar)
Cottage cheese
Peanut butter your protein and a fat (Go with natural on this )
1 Full egg mixed with 3 egg whites (1 full egg has 78% daily value of cholesterol)

Peanut butter
Full-Fat Yogurt
Ground flax seeds or flax seed oil
l full egg

Don't eat
Leftovers! Pizza and Chinese food are nasty culprits.
Sugar (watch bars, cereal, and juice)
White Bread for toast.
Bacon (I know I know, so tasty, not worth it)

Have a great day.  Be smart.  Eat Breakfast.

Always appreciate comments and questions. Thanks for reading.

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