Metabolism: Know it Control it

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When it comes time to managing your weight, metabolism is king!

Knowing how to control it is a powerful tool that can be used to control your weight.

Think of it this way your metabolism is not only the process of the body that converts food into energy it is also how efficiently your body uses that energy.  In this case energy is calories.  Being able to tweak and manipulate your metabolism allows your body to burn more calories.  The average metabolism burns around 1800-2800 calories a day.

I will share with your tips and facts that will help rev up your knowledge about your metabolism.

1. Eat 5-6 meals a day.

Our metabolisms have not evolved from a time when food was not available as our current time. The human body is wired for survival and one mechanism is to store fat.  Fat is available to be used in time when the body needs extra energy. So in the past when food was not so abundant the body would want to burn energy slow and store energy (convert calories to fat) so that if a meal was not around for awhile it had reserves.  By eating often your sending the message to your body that more energy is soon on the way so it not need store the calories.  This means burning more calories during the day while getting a nice bonus of feeling more energetic!

2. Weight Training

Time you use your new found energy from tip 1! This is simple, lifting weights build muscle and muscles burn more calories.  This is important because cardio is usually looked at for weight management, that is because is burns calories instantly DURING the exercise,  but changing your resting metabolic rate through weight training allows you to burn more calories THROUGHOUT the day.
1 lb of muscles burns 35 calories a day at rest. Compared to 1 lb of fat which burns a grand total of 2. Muscles give you a24 hour increase in calorie smashing fun per day.

3. No special foods or drugs

Even though you know have additional energy that does not mean you want to waste it.  No special food or drug will permanently increase metabolism.  They may temporally give the metabolism a slight bump but will not sustain a change.
Your best bet is to make sure you are eating recommended amounts of protein which take the body 25% more energy to burn.

 4. Heredity

Heredity does play a role in metabolism but I suggest not assuming your metabolism is bad making the correct changes in lifestyle will give a positive effect to your metabolism rate.
Gender, sex, and age are all factors.  You can convert your metabolism here.

Thanks for getting to know your metabolism and please message me with questions.  I hope you see the importance of a primed metabolism and if you want to start making changes no better time than right now.  If you have the power to help manage your weight by eating some snacks throughout the day and building muscle I say it's worth taking advantage of!

Enjoy the day!

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